English: Narrative Peer Assessment


imageYesterday, students read a partner’s 200 word short story and then provided targeted feedback to help all students improve their work, and to identify the positive elements that had been included.

First we had a mini-lesson about providing useful, specific feedback. Peer assessment of writing is not only useful for the recipient, but it encourages students, who are providing feedback, to think deeply about the structural elements, language features and punctuation that should be included.


Some fabulous feedback was written. Well done everybody!

Terrific Kids Awards

imageCongratulations to Ella and Stuart who were both awarded a Terrific Kids Certificate at today’s assembly. Both students are fantastic roll models for students in room 7, and for the rest of the school. Ella and Stuart were recognised for their leadership roles within SRC, their participation in school instrumental lessons and involvement in community sport.

Congratulations also to Ella and Blayde who received You Can Do It awards for our class this fortnight.

Water Colour Portraits

Water Colour Portraits

Water Colour Portraits

At the beginning of term, students in room 7 had a go at painting their portraits. Mr Weatherill took students’photos and then printed them very faintly in black and white. Students then painted water colours over the top. They turned out really effectively. We hope you like them.

Can you tell who's who?

Can you tell who’s who?

The Veggie Patch Begins

IMG_0094Today we planted veggies in 3 garden beds. Some of  the vegetables we planted included cabbages, carrots, snow peas, beetroot, rocket, parsley and radish. Last week, a few students planted some radish seeds that they found in the gardening shed. We were surprised to find that those seeds had already started to sprout and were looking very healthy.

Written by Room 7 Students and Mr Weatherill

Our Place Assignment 2014

Here’s an example of this task from a student of mine a few years back.

Sarah’s Farm

Class Dojo Fortnightly Awards

Congratulations to this fortnight’s winners: Sam, Hunter, Stuart, Joel and Leo. These boys received the most points for being organised, on task, working hard, being helpful, following instructions quickly and getting along.

How Much of the World’s Water is Fresh?

Today, students contributed to a demonstration that helped them to understand the ratios of salt to fresh water on Earth. We then looked at how much of that fresh water is  unavailable for human use, due to being frozen. Of the amount of water left, we demonstrated how much of that was  surface water (not groundwater). Most students were very surprised how little of the world’s water was easily available for human’s to use.

Students: Leave a comment describing what you learnt and what it has made you think about.


Student Photographer: Nadia

ClassDojo Fortnightly Awards

Congratulations to the following students for having the five highest overall scores on classdojo for the past fortnight. I owe you all a prize.

Sam, Ella, Hunter, Ebony, Nathan

Here are the class’s results for the fortnight.




Maths Group: Single Digit Addition

This year, my maths group has been learning strategies to quickly add single digits. Strategies have included:

Splitting numbers:  9 + 7 = (9 + 1) + 6= 16

Rote Learning Doubles:  4 + 4, 5 + 5

Near Doubles: 6+7 (Double 6 + 1) 4+6 (Double 4 +2)

Most students have been progressing well. Some need to practise more; just a couple of minutes a day will make a big difference. Here is how the class average is tracking so far. We haven’t done the 6th, 7th or 8th tests yet; that is why they display as zero.Maths Graph

We Are Back Online

After a year of very slow Internet speeds, we now have a new Internet Service Provider. Thank you to Peter Owen, our I.T technician for getting us back online (at appropriate speed). We can now recommence blogging.

As a result of an improved Internet speed, I have been able to introduce Class Dojo as a behaviour management tool. Check out the video for a quick introduction. Here is how the class shaped up in our first trial week.Term 2 Wk 9 Class Dojo



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